Supporting Student Talent

Supporting Student Talent

Thanks to donor support through Friends Programme Grants, our students have been able to showcase their art work to external audiences.

Friends Programme Grants


A grant of over £5,000 was made to the Lancaster University Theatre Group, to take its production of "Malfi"(pictured above) to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  The students created a separate company called 'The Offshoots Theatre Company' which aimed to bridge the gap between student and professional theatre.  The grant enabled students to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, boosting the reputation of theatre from Lancaster University, and gaining many positive reviews in the process.  the Theatre Group have performed several times at the Edinburgh Fringe since 2010 when they also received a grant to show their production of 'Dr Faustus'.  Last year a grant of £10,000 enabled Theatre Group to upgrade their lighting infrastructure.


Final year art students received a grant of £3,800 to exhibit their final year artwork (entitled '39 Degrees') in London to acquire greater exposure for their work.  Grants have also been made to Peter Scott Gallery for the purchase of new exhibition pieces and equipment.


Grants have also enabled the Ballroom Dancing Society to buy new costumes and host the Annual Northern Universities Dance Competition at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom (pictured right).


ULMS, the Music Society, one of our largest student societies have also been awarded grants to purchase new and unusual instruments and replace old percussion equipment.  In December 2013, The Chinese Music Group in conjunction with More Music in Morecambe were awarded a grant to purchase Chinese instruments for their Chinese orchestra.

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