Supporting Earth & Environment studies & research

Supporting Earth & Environment studies & research

Will you help us protect our fragile earth and environment?


You could help to support our students and researchers as they seek solutions to some of the major environmental challenges facing mankind. These include climate change, sustainability, water and food shortages, and land management.

Lancaster University has invested heavily in our Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC), whose £35m facility is the largest of its kind in Europe and whose staff are recognised internationally for their outstanding teaching and revolutionary research.

LEC is a community of world-class environmental researchers, high-achieving students, government scientists and commercial enterprises, all working collaboratively to address today’s biggest environmental challenges. Together, they have produced some impressive results — for example, in helping to sustain agriculture in parts of the world which face extreme drought.

With your help, we could add to or accelerate some of the ground-breaking work which students and staff are contributing towards the protection of our fragile planet. 

How might your donation be used?

Your donation could help to:

  • Fund vital research projects which will help to protect our planet
  • Enable the purchase of essential equipment for use by students and researchers
  • Fund a teaching post
  • Further our contribution to schools’ work and encouraging pupils to enter this field
  • Fund a deserving overseas student’s postgraduate degree in a related subject
  • Contribute towards building work for related departments.

How can you give?

Find out about the various ways to give, including single donations, regular gifts, gifts of shares and legacies. 

Are you a UK taxpayer?

UK taxpayers can increase the value of their gifts by 25% — so please remember to tick the Gift Aid box and provide your name, address and signature when you donate. Thank you!

Are you in the USA?

Over 3,000 of our alumni live in the United States. Find out how to give through Friends of Lancaster University in America Inc.