Amie Quivey

JYA, 1993, Furness

What I'm doing now

I am embarking on a new career in nursing! After working for more than 10 years in marketing/communications, I decided what I really wanted to do with my life was help others as a nurse. I graduated from nursing school in January 2012 and now work at the local hospital (which just happens to be one of the top medical centres in New Jersey!). I am also an active volunteer in the community.

My best Lancaster memory

I have so many wonderful memories it's hard to pick just one! I took advantage of the weekend trips offered by the travel agency on campus and got to see much of England, Scotland and Ireland; it was also a great way to meet other students. I also got to travel throughout Europe on spring break with friends I met at Lancaster! My hall-mates in Furness were all very friendly (we remain in touch to this day!) and we would often spend time just hanging out together in our rooms or at the bar, cooking meals for each other, going to the movies on campus, etc. I also remember taking the bus from the university into the city on a particularly clear winter's we headed down a hill, we had a perfect view of the snow-covered mountains of the Lake District. It was so beautiful. And, I remember exploring Lancaster and the Ashton Memorial (I even caught an outdoor performance of a Shakespeare play there!). Such a great city! Perhaps one of the most interesting memories is that it was at Lancaster that I first heard the word "e-mail!" I was walking back to Furness from the far end of campus with an friend who wanted to pop into the computer lab to check her "e-mail" before we went back to the dorm. "What's e-mail?" I asked her and she showed me!

What Lancaster means to me

I loved my time at Lancaster. I attended a small liberal arts college in a small city in Pennsylvania. So, I really enjoyed being at a large university, where I could meet lots of people, that was an easy train ride to lots of great cities and sights. Academically, I found Lancaster very challenging, and I enjoyed the classes I took. Most of all, I made some wonderful friends at Lancaster and, while I communicate with most of them by e-mail, I do get to see some of my Lancaster friends from time to time. Just last summer, I was out in Seattle and visited a dear friend I met in Shakespeare class and got to know better on the ferry ride to Dublin (I even attended her wedding!)

Why I support the Friends

I think it's important to support Lancaster because my time there had such a positive impact on my life. I know that tuition alone doesn't cover all expenses, and I want others to have the same opportunity to experience a year abroad that I did. I consider it a privilege to have been a student a Lancaster and it is my honor to help support the university!