Gian Fulgoni: Funding a chair in marketing

Gian Fulgoni, Executive of comScore, has made a personal donation to support the continuing success of the Marketing Department at Lancaster University Management School.

An alumnus of the department, Gian's generous donation of $625,000, spread over 5 years, was prompted by a recent return trip to Lancaster after 40 years away from the University. An internationally recognised leader in the field of Market Research and award-winning entrepreneur, responsible for many innovations in his profession, Gian achieved career success in the USA after taking an MA in Marketing from Lancaster.

Gian wanted to give something back to the university that had played such a pivotal role in his life:

"My Marketing MA from Lancaster was one of the most significant events in my career. Indeed, it was the stepping stone for me to get to the US...I'm delighted to give back so that the University can continue to expand its educational efforts..."

Gian made his gift by donating publicly tradable shares of stock to the Friends of Lancaster University in America Inc.  The Board of Directors were delighted to respect Gian's wishes that the gift support a department which made such a difference to his life.