James Barnard

BA Hons Theatre Studies, 2008, Furness

What I'm doing now

I live in Louisville, KY, with my wife, Allison, whom I met at Lancaster. I am the Director of Communications and Marketing for the annual giving program at the University of Louisville, so I design and implement an annual communications strategy to connect with our constituents and solicit support for the University. Outside of my work, Alison and I like to visit Louisville's many great restaurants and bars, and Skype with my family back in England every Saturday morning.

My best Lancaster memory

This would have to be Furness College arrivals day 2007, the first day of my final year. I was the JCR President and I'd never felt prouder to be in that role. There is such a great buzz on campus that first day - everyone is excited to meet the new Furnessians, the kitchen reps and JCR were fantastic in helping people to move in, and you could just tell that all of the freshers (mostly) looked very excited about the prospect of beginning the best three years of their lives. It was also a proud day because my younger sister, Lucy, was moving in as a fresher that day and joining Furness College. I was giving a speech to the new students in Faraday at the beginning of the evening. I was, in my opinion, killing it - doing my best to get everyone excited for freshers' week and inspired to keep Furness the best College on campus. As I spoke I got more and more enthusiastic, and all of a sudden my knee hit a light switch on the big desk at the front. We were plunged into darkness, and so began an amazing final year for me.

What Lancaster means to me

Lancaster means everything to me. It is the place I met my wife, who was a JYA from Kentucky in the Lent and Summer terms of my first year. It was the place I met tons of lifelong friends, and it was the place that made me realise what I wanted to do with my life and gave me the experience to do it. I was never that into my chosen subject - Theatre Studies. I loved every minute of it and the department was great, but I knew early on that it wasn't going to be related to any career I was interested in. I spent my time on the JCR, working with LUSU, hosting The Monday Show on Bailrigg FM with Bean and Simon, working at Sugarhouse and the Friends Programme Call Team, and sometimes I remembered to do my reading as well. I grew up at Lancaster.

Why I support the Friends

I support the Friends Programme because I've always felt that it is one's duty to support the things that are important in your life. For me, one of these things is Lancaster. It is an honor to be able to support Lancaster and know that in some way, I am affecting the lives of the lucky people who are currently students there. As a direct beneficiary of a Lancaster education, I have a responsibility to give back in every way that I can to the University that gave me so much. As an alumnus, I am a part of the Lancaster's history...this is the way for me to be a part of Lancaster's future.