Jim Langabeer

PhD Management Science, 2009

What I'm doing now

I am currently the President of a non-profit company based in Houston Texas (4th largest city in the States). The company is attempting to digitally link all of the electronic medical records of physician offices, hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories so that providers can exchange medical records and gain a better view of the history of that patient without the need for carrying around paper records or requesting one doctor to fax or print records to take to another doctor.

My best Lancaster memory

My best memory of Lancaster is that of the River Lune winding through the quaint city. On campus, the best memory is the many enjoyable hours spent studying in the hub and carrels of LUMS. I particularly enjoyed the lively discussions with my thesis supervisor (Dr Dave Worthington), my time in the library, and the fish and chips.

What Lancaster means to me

Lancaster is one of the greatest universities in the world. It deserves all of the attention and recognition is has been getting in the rankings. It has helped me immensely in my career, and has given me a very solid educational platform. As an American, studying in England is very special and I cherish all of my time there.

Why I support the Friends

I support the Friends of Lancaster because I hope that other Americans will have the opportunity to study abroad at this fine uni. I want Lancaster to continue its rise in the rankings, and continue to grow and mature as the leading university of England, and one that all students and alumni can be very proud of. I strongly encourage all alumni to give back to the programs which they have benefitted so much from.