Keeping the Life Blood Flowing

Keeping the Life Blood Flowing

Friends Programme donations have supported essential research equipment


A Friends Programme grant of £5,000 has enabled essential equipment to be purchased for the Division of Biomedical and Life Sciences in its work to research the treatment of many life-threatening conditions.

The specialist equipment has extended the research team's capability to measure blood flow and analyse it in a wider range of clinical conditions than was previously possible.

"Whilst the final impact of the project is in its early days, the work on the clinical conditions such as cardiac failure, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and coma, which the equipment allows is not to be underestimated. The probes that we have been able to buy with the Friends Programme grant are a resource that will be utilised extensively for the next few years." - Dr Jane Owen Lynch, lead researcher

The project is multi-disciplinary based in both Biomedical and Life Sciences and Physics.

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