Staff Involvement in Graduation

Graduation reflects not just the pride we have in the academic achievements of our students, but is also the culmination of the efforts of all University staff. 

We have a variety of volunteer roles for any staff who would like to be involved in welcoming our students and their families to Lancaster University for our graduation ceremoni

  • Undergraduate Graduation between 17th and 20th July 2018
  • Postgraduate Graduation on Wednesday 12th December 2018

 If you would like to volunteer as a staff helper on Graduation Day, please contact the Graduation Team 


Academic processions

All colleagues (academic and non-academic) who wish to attend graduation ceremonies should join the academic procession.  The ceremonies are important occasions for graduands and their families, who like to see their mentors on the platform.

Full academic dress is worn by degree holders taking part in the processions.  If you do not have your own academic dress, robes will be hired for you to wear on the day, free of charge.   A plain black bachelor gown will be hired for non-degree holders.

Please register online to attend academic processions at the undergraduate ceremonies taking place between 17th and 20th July 2018 

 Please email the Graduation Team  or call us on Ext 92190 for further information.

Guest tickets

Our ceremonies are extremely busy and we are usually only able to offer two guest tickets to each graduating student.  Spare guest tickets for staff are rarely available, as all colleagues have the opportunity to attend ceremonies as part of an academic procession. 

Members of the academic procession can enquire via the Graduation Team regarding the availability of a ticket for a guest.

All ceremonies are transmitted live into a nearby venue for which no ticket is required.  Ceremonies can also be viewed live from the University homepage