Undergraduate Degree Ceremonies Timetable

14-17 July 2015

Tuesday 14 July


Pendle College Ceremony 1

Lonsdale College Ceremony 1

LUMS graduates 

FASS graduates


Pendle College Ceremony 2

University of Liverpool Medical Degrees

FHM, FST, FASS graduates 

All MBChB graduates

4.30pm Lonsdale College Ceremony 2 FHM, FST, LUMS graduates

Wednesday 15 July

11am Fylde College Ceremony  All graduates 
2pm Cartmel College Ceremony  All graduates 

Thursday 16 July 


County College Ceremony 1

Furness College, Barrow

FASS, FHM graduates 

All graduates 

2pm County College Ceremony 2 FST, LUMS graduates 
4.30pm Furness College Ceremony All graduates 

Friday 17 July 

11am Grizedale College Ceremony  All graduates 
2pm Bowland College Ceremony  All graduates 



FASS - Faculty of Arts & Social Science         FST- Faculty of Science & Technology

FHM - Faculty of Health & Medicine               LUMS - Lancaster University Management School