Dr Alex Metcalfe

Senior Lecturer in Islamic and Middle Eastern History

Research Interests

General area: power and people in Muslim and Christian zones; entangled and comparative histories.

Regional focus: Middle East, Mediterranean and Europe.

Political history: law, administration and governance; the formation and disintegration of states in the Mediterranean and Middle East; parallel and alternative authorities.

Religious history: politico-religious ideologies; sacral authority and rulership; Muslim and Christian concepts of holy war; interfaith relations; religious assimilation and conversion.

Social history: socio-religious change; concepts of acculturation; transculturality; ethnicity and identity formation; frontier communities; Muslims under Christian rule and vice-versa.

Linguistics: historical linguistics; medieval bilingualism; translations; onomastics (anthroponyms and toponyms); mixed languages and dialects.

For publications and posters, please refer to academia.edu

Dynamic landscapes and dominant kin groups: hydronymy and water-management in Arab-Norman western Sicily
Metcalfe, A.J. 2017 In: Urban dynamics and transcultural communication in medieval Sicily. Paderborn : Wilhelm Fink Verlag p. 96-140. 45 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Language and the written record: loss, survival and revival in early Norman Sicily
Metcalfe, A.J. 2014 In: Multilingual and multigraphic manuscripts and documents of East and West. Piscataway : Gorgias Press p. 3-31. 29 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)