Dr Alex Metcalfe

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

  • Regional focus: the wider Mediterranean basin and the Middle East.
  • Period: Research focuses on the Middle Ages (c. 500-c. 1500). Teaching is not limited to these periods.
  • Principal research areas: Muslims and Christians in medieval Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle; Sicily, al-Andalus, the Maghrib, the Crusader States; South Italy under the Byzantines, Muslims; the Normans, Hohenstaufen and Angevin dynasties.
  • Primary source materials: mainly charters and narrative histories (Arabic, Greek and Latin).
  • Religious History: politico-religious ideologies; sacral authority and rulership;concepts of holy and just war; interfaith relations; religious assimilation and conversion.
  • Political History: medieval chanceries; law, administration and governance; historiography; the formation and disintegration of pre-modern states in Europe, the Mediterranean and Middle East.
  • Social and Socio-Economic History: socio-religious change; concepts of acculturation and pluriculturalism; transculturality; ethnicity and identity (trans)formation; iiminal and frontier communities; occupations and social hierarchies; kinship and 'tribalism'; social and fiscal status of minorities.
  • Historical Linguistics: bilingualism and multilingualism; medieval translation movements; onomastics (anthroponyms and toponyms); Sicilian Arabic; Maltese; medieval Italo-Greek and early Italo-Romance dialects.
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