Professor Michael Hughes

Professor, Head of Department

Research Overview

Michael Hughes is a specialist on nineteenth and twentieth-century Russian history and Anglo-Russian relations in the twentieth century. He also has a particular interest in the impact of religion on international politics.

Lancaster: Remembering 1914-18
Gregory, I.N., Peniston-Bird, C.M., Donnelly, P., Hughes, M.J. 1/08/2017 The History Press. ISBN: 9780750968256.

Far apart but closer together: a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the career structure and organisational culture of the post-war British Diplomatic Service
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Journal article

Archbishop Davidson, the "Edwardian Crisis" and the Defence of the National Church
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Journal article

Every picture tells some stories: photographic illustrations in British travel accounts of Russia on the eve of World War One
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Journal article

Samovars and quills: the representation of bureaucracy in mid-nineteenth-century Russian literature
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Journal article

Beyond holy Russia: the life and times of Stephen Graham
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Journal article

Tramps, mountains and unicorns: the Glacier Park hike of Vachel Lindsay and Stephen Graham
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Journal article

British Opinion on Russian Terrorism in the 1880s
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Journal article

Searching for the Soul of Russia: British Perceptions of Russia during the First World War
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Conscience and Conflict: Methodism, Peace and War in the Twentieth Century
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