Dr Sophie Therese Ambler

Lecturer in Later Medieval British and European History


I'm a historian of the central and later Middle Ages, focusing on England and France but also looking to the Iberian Peninsula, Italy and the Holy Land, with broad interests in political ethics and war. My first book, Bishops in the Political Community of England, 1213-1272, was published by Oxford University Press in 2017, and my next book, The Song of Simon de Montfort: The Life and Death of England’s First Revolutionary, will be published by Picador in spring 2019. I'm a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and secretary of the Pipe Roll Society, and enjoy writing for and speaking to a broader public audience, whether through talks or TV, radio and print.

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The Song of Simon de Montfort: The Life and Death of England's First Revolutionary
Ambler, S. 2016 Picador.

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Journal article

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Journal article

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The Montfortian bishops and the justification of conciliar government in 1264
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Journal article