Dr Stephen Pumfrey M.A. (Cantab.) Ph. D. (University of London)

Senior Lecturer

Current Teaching

HIST 100: History and Historians

I am convenor of this, the department's core first year course taken by over 300 students. My specific contribution to this broad course is two sets of lectures and associated seminars. The first introduces students to "the medieval world view" of the universe and humankind's place in it, and follows its destruction and replacement by our modern scientific one. The second examines the so-called "Enlightenment" of the eighteenth century. How rational was this "Age of Reason", especially when it came to Europeans' reactions to other cultures.

HIST 294/295. Nature and Culture: the Renaissance and After.

This pair of modules examines changing ideas about the natural world from c.1500-c.1700. It begins with the Renaissance worldveiw of Christianised Greek philosophy, looks at revolutions in medicine, anatomy, astronomy, examines the rise and fall of witchcraft and magic, and asks how much of modern attitudes to nature had been forged by the era of Isaac Newton.HIST294 generally runs in the Michaelmas term and covers broad themes.HIST295 generally runs in the Lent term and looks at in-depth case studies.

HIST 333. Science and Society in England, 1640-1688.

A third level, intensively taught course consisting of over 60 hours of seminars, often focussing on primary sources. We assess the nature of England's rapid rise to prominence as a scientific nation in these five decades, relate it to the social and cultural context, and assess the strength of competing explanations of it. A fuller description can be found at:http://www.lancs.ac.uk/fass/history/undergrad/hist333.htm

Hist 405. History for Life. History of science and its relevance to our current understanding of science.

Hist422. Medieval Documents and Paleography. Sessions on the transition from manuscript to print culture, and on editing early modern documents.

SSM module: The Medical Marketplace in Early Modern England.

A short, intensive course for medical students on medical provision in England c.1550-c.1750.

The major courses above have dedicated interactive websites, which include substantial electronic resources compiled by Dr Pumfrey. These "LUVLE sites" are not externally available.

Patronising, Publishing, and Perishing: Harriot's Lost Opportunities and His Lost Work 'Arcticon'
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The Royal Mint in the Eighteenth Century: private versus public science in the historiography, 1780-2011
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Are the origins of modernity to be found in seventeenth-century England?: Some answers from corpus linguistics
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Did the Enlightenment begin in 1650s England?: Some answers from corpus linguistics
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