History of Science graduate creates historical games

Date: 18 November 2011

There are many ways to put a history degree to good use, but one of the most enjoyable must surely be that of Ken Walton. Ken got a first in History with History of Science in the late '90s. He is now part of a double act who are "purveyors of fine imaginings" and successful creators of role play games.

His recent creation is "Clockwork and Chivalry". It is "a grim and gritty game of mud, blood, mayhem and magick, set in an alternate 17th century England plunged into civil war. As Oliver Cromwell and his gigantic clockwork war machines fight against the cavalier-alchemists of Prince Rupert, ordinary folk struggle for survival, split into a myriad political and religious factions. Magickal pollution taints the land, waking creatures long dismissed as legends; obsessive scientists make wild discoveries; crazed inventors create mad machines." And, he added in an email to me, "it's all your fault for getting me enthusiastic about the history of science."

If you want to learn more, go to: www.cakebreadandwalton.com

News website: www.cakebreadandwalton.com


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