Monograph by Dr Alex Metcalfe published by Edinburgh University Press

Date: 25 September 2009

We are delighted to announce that Dr Alex Metcalfe's monograph The Muslims of Medieval Italy has been published by Edinburgh University Press.

The book focuses on the formation and fragmentation of an Arab-Muslim state and its society in Sicily and south Italy between 800 and 1300 which led to the creation of an enduring Muslim-Christian frontier during the age of the Crusades. It examines the long and short-term impact of Muslim authority in regions that were to fall into the hands of European rulers, and explains how the Muslim and Norman conquests imported radically different dynamics to the central Mediterranean. On the island of Sicily, a majority Muslim population on the island came to be ruled by Christian kings who adopted and adapted political ideologies from Mediterranean regimes while absorbing cultural influences from the diverse peoples over whom they reigned. The book provides an engaging, expert and wide-ranging introduction to the subject, offering fresh and clear insights into the evolution of both Europe and the Islamic world.


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