Pumfrey takes on aliens

Date: 2 February 2010

On Thursday February 4th, 2010 Dr Stephen Pumfrey gives a talk to the student-run History Society. It is entitled

"Aliens! How Galileo and his supporters discovered life on the Moon 400 years ago."2010 is the four hundredth anniversary of a world-shattering book - The Starry Messenger by Galileo. It contained the first published results of the new wonder instrument we call the telescope, and Galileo's discoveries killed off the medieval world view. But Galileo and his supporters went further. They thought they had detected life on the moon, and were sure it had continents and oceans. No wonder religious conservatives were worried. In this quatercentenary year, Dr Pumfrey's lecture will discuss the issues at stake in the historical battle of "Alien versus Inquisitor". It takes place in Furness College, Lecture Theatre 2.


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