Histfest Annual Conference

Histfest is the annual conference organised by postgraduate students in the Department of History at Lancaster University.

Histfest provides an opportunity for students at any stage of progress to present papers associated with their work in a supportive environment with a constructive audience. The conference welcomes papers from any field of historical research and related disciplines and enables participants to engage with students from different institutions sharing similar interests.

Histfest 2017 (TBC)

The conference Twitter is @Lancs_HistFest

2016 Call for Papers


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Keynotes were delivered by the following scholars:

2016 Dr William Purkis (Birmingham) and Dr Peter Elmer (Exeter). 

2015 Professor Ludmilla Jordanova (Durham) and Dr Claudia Stein (Warwick)

2014 Professor Keith Wrightson (Yale)