HIST421: Beyond the Text: Literature, Image and Voice as Historical Evidence

Available 2017/18

Course ConvenorDr Sarah Barber and Dr Corinna Peniston-Bird

This module examines historical approaches to visual, audio visual, aural, oral and artefactual sources. It is not confined to these sources, and may not cover all of them in any one year, tailored to suit the specialisms of each cohort. It is designed to be of value to any postgraduate student irrespective of periodisation, and has in the past covered the gamut from ancient Rome to the modern day. The aim is to deepen student familiarity with the range of sources available to historians, to analyse how non-traditional sources have been approached by historians, and to suggest ways in which students can approach these sources within their own research. The course design permits a degree of tailoring around student interests, and students will be given the opportunity to submit course work relating the course to their chosen area of historical investigation. Students will find the textbook useful: Sarah Barber and Corinna Peniston Bird (eds.), History beyond the Text: A Student's Guide to approaching alternative Sources (Routledge, 2009).

Taught: Michaelmas Term

Assessment: Students are required to produced one assessed piece of coursework of 5,000 words.