HIST477: Creative Voices: History and Fiction

Available 2017/18


Course Convenor: Dr John Strachan (History) and Dr George Green (Creative Writing)

What is the relationship between historical writing and creative writing, fiction and nonfiction and the entire spectrum of writing that that encompasses? What are the limits on creativity created by source materials or gaps in source materials? What are the respective responsibilities of author and reader?

This course explores those questions in the liminal space between historical and creative writing. By examining four areas - the individual; space and time; gaps; and textual intervention and negotiation by author and reader - students will be encouraged to think about the nature of writing across disciplines, their own creative voice and choices and their relationship to their reader.

Through fortnightly case studies and one film-showing, students will consider extensive examples of how individual authors have chosen to meet the challenges of their subject matter, and discuss the implications of this for their own writing.

Taught: Michaelmas Term