Modern Pathway

The Modern History pathway draws upon the department’s particular research strengths in cultural and digital history. 

Students will develop a research project under the supervision of a historian of the modern world. Supervision is offered in a broad range of geographical and thematic areas, from the Caribbean to British, European, Russian and South Asian History.

Students on this module will take:

HIST400: Dissertation (20,000 words)

HIST401: Researching and Writing History

HIST421: Beyond the Text: Literature, Image and Voice as Historical Evidence

Either: HIST426: Using Digital Texts as Historical Sources

Or: HIST429: Spatial Technologies for Historical Analysis

In addition, students on the Modern pathway can select two optional modules from the list below.

Optional Modules (available to all pathways)

HIST420: How Historians Understand and Explain

HIST424: Medieval Primary Sources: Genre, Rhetoric and Transmission 

HIST425: Introduction to Latin Translation for Historians

HIST427: Belief and Unbelief: Gods and Pagans from Antiquity to Today

HIST477: Creative Voices: History and Fiction

HIST434: Critical Heritage Studies

HIST491: Heritage and Public History Placement

HIST492: Historical Research Project

HIST495: School Placement

With the exception of Latin, all the taught modules run over a single ten-week term and are taught by seminars.