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Work placements

Since Autumn 2014, the History Department has offered its students the opportunity to take part in work placements with heritage organisations across North-West England. Some of our current second-years are contributing to projects in archives and museums ranging from Carlisle to Runcorn and Preston to Bury; they are finding out what it is really like to work in the heritage sector, and are getting hands-on experience with objects, with documents, with catalogues and more. Some of our students have even drafted scripts for historical re-enactors to use in a new museum that opened in 2015. More on the work placements scheme will appear on our website soon.

What will you do with your History degree?

A Lancaster History degree is a gateway to an exciting and rewarding career. History graduates are able to think critically, analyse evidence, structure an argument, and communicate effectively. As a result, our students have gone on to achieve highly in many different fields. Some have told us more about their experiences below


Christopher Watson

Christopher Watson, Project Co-ordinator for Global London, UKTI (graduated 2008)

"My time at Lancaster gave me an excellent grounding for my future"

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Georgina Isaac

Simon Holt, Regional Director for Retail, Leo Burnett (graduated 1983)

"I use history every day – it still drives so many habits and behaviours"

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Recruitment and HR

Georgina Isaac

Adrian Phipps, HR Director for Personal Insurance, RSA (graduated 1999)

"History teaches you to challenge your way of thinking"

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Museums, Archives, and Heritage

Museums, Archives, and Heritage

Jenny Aldridge, Visitor Services Manager, National Trust (graduated 2005)

"The job is very varied, which I love, it is interesting and rewarding, and very busy"

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Higher Education

Higher Education

Helen Glew, Lecturer in History (graduated 2002)

"I often think of the teaching I benefited from at Lancaster when teaching my own students"

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Dave Cartwright, Student mentor (graduated 2008)

"It was the History Department which helped me realise my full potential, with amazing teaching staff."

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Communications and PR

Helen Rudd

Helen Rudd, Account Director, PR Agency (graduated 2004)

"Studying history gave me the skills I need including writing, researching, evaluating and presenting"

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John Freeman

John Freeman, Writer, editor and designer (graduated 1982)

"Today, I work in publishing as both writer and editor, of both comics and magazines"

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Journalism and Television

Andrew Bumncombe

Andrew Buncombe, Asia Correspondent for the Independent (graduated 1989)

"Studying history and politics encouraged me to read deeply, and eclectically"

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Julia Krier

Julia Krier, Trainee Solicitor (graduated 2007)

"The ability to analyse large amounts of information, identify the key issues and communicate these coherently is crucial. I use these skills on a day to day basis"

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Collette Caffrey

Collette Caffrey, Campus Services Manager (graduated 2002)

"As a Lancaster graduate, I feel immensely proud of the University"

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Police and Armed Forces

Rachel Higson

Rachel Higson, Police Officer, Lancashire Constabulary (graduated 2007)

"I have learnt through history that everybody is different and has their own needs"

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Boosting your CV

When you are studying at Lancaster, there are lots of things you can do in your free time to boost your employment prospects after graduating:

  • Achieve the The Lancaster Award, a non-academic, non-crediting bearing certificate developed in partnership with employers to help you make the most of your time at Lancaster and to demonstrate the skills you have developed along the way.
  • Many of the societies and clubs you can join will develop skills which will help you get a job. For example, you can write for SCAN, the student newspaper, or work on Bailrigg FM, the student radio station.
  • You can look into volunteering and enterprise opportunities at Lancaster University's Student Union. LUSU offers a large number of both community and environmental volunteering projects, and support if you want to start your own business, all ways of broadening your horizons and improving your CV.
  • In addition, we have a Careers Centre which runs careers fairs, workshops, and employer presentations to help you get a job.

Producing top quality graduates since 1964

A Lancaster History degree has been a valuable asset in the job market for over 40 years. When our current graduates enter the world of work, they still benefit from the reputation our earliest graduates helped to establish. Some of the university's History graduates from the 1960s and 1970s - including professors, authors, architects, chief executives, and commercial directors - tell us about their careers. Read more»