Careers in Police and Armed Forces

Rachel Higson, Police officer, Lancashire Constabulary (graduated 2007)

I graduated with a History degree in 2007. I found that all the staff in the department were extremely enthusiastic and willing to go the extra mile for the students. The courses are well structured and presented in a manner which makes them interesting and fun. I am now a serving police officer in the Lancashire Constabulary and the skills I acquired from studying history at Lancaster have been invaluable, providing me with a firm foundation for my career. I learnt to structure arguments and communicate clearly through written work, which is essential in my role. I have also learnt through history that everybody is different and has their own needs, this helps me treat people as such and avoids stereotyping, a quality that is appreciated in my line of work. Lancaster is a superb place to study, the facilities are second to none and there is always a friendly, vibrant atmosphere on campus.

Captain Philip Thicknesse (Royal Navy, Director of the Defence Crisis Management Centre, Ministry of Defence (graduated 1981)

The majority of my career in the Royal Navy has been spent in the front line, either flying helicopters or serving in a wide variety of warships. Much of the business of the armed services is about analysing problems and then planning and executing the solutions. Reading History at Lancaster taught me how to understand and analyse an issue and, importantly, to construct and present a cogent and persuasive argument. The skills I developed at University have helped immeasurably throughout my service career, in a great variety of very different posts.