Careers in Schools

Samantha Bennett, Teacher (graduated 2006)

Whenever I think back to my time at Lancaster I smile. The friends I made, the fun I had, and the sheer freedom was wonderful. I particularly remember the teachers in the history department, with all of their enthusiasm and willingness to spend their free time helping us all. One tutor telling us why he was late, another saying 'I've bought something with me today, it's a decibel meter to see if I'm shouting' or just the warm and cosy atmosphere in the teachers' offices, covered in books that they've either read or written. Hearing about their research projects whilst doing your own makes you understand how much they can empathise with that deadline, and how they still have the same problems as you. It really helps you to realise that 'you are not alone'. Having gone on to postgraduate courses, their references and help in deciding my career were invaluable, and as a teacher now, I fully appreciate their enthusiastic teaching and try to emulate their anecdotes as often as possible. The way the historians at Lancaster teach has influenced my own teaching style, and I am still in awe of their knowledge!

Dave Cartwright, Student mentor (graduated 2008)

After graduating from Lancaster I was employed at a 6th form College in Warrington as a student mentor. My ability to communicate and work effectively within a team of graduates stemmed from my experiences at Lancaster University and the History Department, which always encouraged students to be pro-active and develop instrumental interpersonal skills. Lancaster University in general was the most exhilarating experience of my life, but it was the History Department which helped me realise my full potential, with amazing teaching staff. Derek Sayer, Alan Warburton and Michael Mullett - who was intrinsic with help on my dissertation - are just a few of the inspirational figures at Lancaster University, and it has had such an impact on my life that I fully intend to return to Lancaster to complete my Masters in History and then even perhaps to complete a PhD. I cannot recommend Lancaster University and a degree in History highly enough, as it will guarantee a life changing experience.

Rachel Overett, Teacher (graduated 2005)

I have found teaching extremely rewarding and I love sharing my passion for history with pupils. The fascinating variety of topics I studied at university (such as the Scientific Revolution and the Spanish Civil War) were not all curriculum-related. However, this has not been a hindrance: they equipped me with the necessary background knowledge and research skills to be able to teach myself new topics. I took advantage of Lancaster's unique flexibility of courses to do a minor in Spanish which has really helped me to stand out in the competitive job market, as I can now teach Spanish as well as history. The vital interpersonal and organisational skills required in teaching were honed in a variety of ways at university: through academic work and tutorials, my roles on the executive committee of the History Society and Gospel Choir, and through my social life.

Rebecca Price, Teacher (graduated 1999)

I had an amazing time at Lancaster, thoroughly enjoying all the History courses I took. The lectures were lively and the seminars enjoyable and inspirational. On graduation I decided to go into teaching and trained as a History teacher. Over the years I have maintained an interest and passion for history but found myself teaching English and English Literature more and more often. The similarities between the disciplines are evident, to me most obviously when asked to teach the Shakespeare play Richard III when I can't help but think of my third year exam paper on the infamous king.