Adel Winters

History Major, Graduated 2014

I am one of the many students who have benefitted from the flexibility of Lancaster's degree scheme, switching major from English Language to History at the end of my first year. I worked for several years before entering university, and by the time that I began my course, the subject choices I had made at GCSE and 'A' Level were like strangers to me. In general, it can be difficult to anticipate the experience of studying even a familiar subject at degree level. By encouraging students to pursue a minor during their first year, Lancaster University eases the possibility of misapprehension and allows students to explore the feasibility of studying other interests. Your degree is a preface to the years still to come; it can be reassuring to know that you are able to change your mind.

Studying History, I was delighted to find that the breadth of Lancaster’s degree scheme is mirrored in the wide array of modules offered by the History Department. History at Lancaster spans several continents and numerous eras, from Late Antiquity to near-contemporary. It also accommodates a variety of topic areas, including political history, cultural history and historiography. As a student, you have considerable opportunity to challenge personal certainties of opinion and interest; my own understanding of history was transformed through studying at Lancaster, and in all of the modules I chose, I found the quality of teaching to be exceptional.

What you can gain from your time at Lancaster University is not confined to the classroom, however. Having entered university slightly later than the average fresher, I was concerned that I might find myself out-of-touch with the social scene at Lancaster. However, the opportunities on offer are broad enough to suit everyone: the University has a wealth of clubs and societies, and its collegiate system ensures a warm, friendly atmosphere. Lancaster’s student services are also excellent, and if life should intrude on your studies, you can be sure of able support. When I fell ill during my third year, the History Department was unfailingly helpful, working with me to keep things on track.

I have only fond memories of my time at Lancaster.