Alice Young

History Major, Graduated 2014

My decision to study at Lancaster University was primarily based around its reputation and location, and admittedly it was not until later that I began to fully appreciate the diversity of modules offered by the History Department. In both the second and third years, I was able to study areas of particular interest to me, and as such I tended to focus my studies on the medieval and early modern periods, with topics ranging from The Cult of Saints to Revolution in the Netherlands.

Every member of staff was friendly and eager to help, and as such their courses were engaging and enjoyable, and the shift from A-Level to university was rendered much easier. When it came to writing my final year dissertation – Entertaining Elizabeth: The Kenilworth Festivities of 1575 and Robert Dudley’s Quest for Political Power – the support and assistance I received from my tutor, Angus Winchester, proved invaluable, and helped turn something which initially seemed scary, into a rewarding and, dare I say it, fun experience!

Studying history at Lancaster though, is not just about the degree. The collegiate system promotes a friendly yet competitive atmosphere, and also provides a place of support and assistance. Help from Fylde College for example, enabled me to spend a month in Austria learning German, and allowed me to travel down to London for research at the British Library. In addition, there are hundreds of clubs and societies to get involved in on campus, as well as numerous beautiful places to visit right on your doorstep!

My three years at Lancaster were incredible, and I cannot recommend the University highly enough. The skills and expertise which I gained have enabled me to enter the world of work prepared and capable. Deciding where to go to university is never easy, but I honestly believe you will find it hard to beat all that Lancaster has to offer.