Mostyn Jones

History Major, Graduated 2014

The first-year History course – from Medieval to Modern – is why I chose Lancaster. The opportunity to study such a range of History was exciting, and something that I embraced during my second and third year, choosing modules such as the Greek World, Muslim Sicily, Sex and Violence in Imperial India, and the Victorians.  Consequently, I discovered my passion for Medieval History, as is reflected by my special subject:  The Normans in Italy, with Dr Alex Metcalfe. As the emphasis was placed on primary sources, I had the opportunity to study the history in great detail, which made it the highlight of my degree.   

An exceptional aspect of the course was the support and feedback given by the staff, such as Dr Sarah Barber, whose advice aided my transition to studying History in English, having been taught in Welsh at school. Undoubtedly, this, alongside my passion for Medieval History, influenced my dissertation: 'The Church in North Wales, c.1267–1284: A Study of Ecclesiastical Statesmanship in a time of Conquest and Colonisation'. At first, the prospect of writing 10,000 words was daunting, but as a result of Dr Paul Hayward’s excellent guidance and the enjoyment I gained form conducting my own research, I found that I had to cut 3,000 words!

Even though studying History is very time consuming, I had the opportunity to gain other experiences. I volunteered as a guide at Sizergh Castle, became a student representative, Health and Safety officer for the Photography society, President of the Welsh society, and Vice-Chair of Lancaster Conservative Future. Significantly, studying at Lancaster meant that I was able to participate in LUSU’s three-week summer school in India, during which I taught in a primary school, attended lectures, and visited sites such as the Taj Mahal.

Since graduating I have chosen to remain at Lancaster to study on the History MA.