Supporting your Voice: cultivating awareness and healthy practices

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The voice is a valuable tool for lecturers and presenters of all types, and yet it is often only addressed when it is seen to have problems. An attention to and knowledge of the voice, however, can not only help to minimize common problems such as vocal fatigue and volume, but also aid in adding aural interest and variety to lectures and presentations.

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This session provided a basic introduction into factors affecting vocal production, including body-voice connection and breathing. These factors will then be linked to the practice of using the voice in classroom and seminar settings. Participants will be given brief opportunities to experiment with their voices, exploring a selection of exercises used by singers and actors for getting in touch with and developing healthy vocal use.

Workshop delivered by Dr Allison Hui.


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Further information below that you may find helpful following the CPD workshop on supporting your voice.

Increasing awareness:

Consider asking yourself some of these body check-in questions:


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Rehearse healthy practices

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Further Support

If you would like further support in relation to the voice, please contact OED to discuss your situation.

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