Bespoke Essentials

Who is it for?

The Bespoke Essentials series is open to all members of professional staff and those with responsibility for supervising or managing others. Whether you are a new academic Head of Department, a PI now finding yourself managing a contract researcher or postdoc for the first time or a member of professional service staff wishing to refresh your skills, these workshops will be relevant to you.

About Bespoke Essentials

Bespoke Essentials aims to enhance the effectiveness of professional members of staff. Recognising the importance of reflecting the local context in the content of sessions, some elements of Bespoke Essentials can be delivered on demand to groups in specific departments/service areas or by attending the pre-scheduled workshops. Topics concerning performance management and development and PDR reviewing are particularly suitable for bespoke sessions.

The following sessions can be delivered on demand to departmental teams/service areas:


Other development opportunities

To find out more information or to book a place, please email the OED team direct.

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