Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Delivered by Jonathan Bowyer

Open to all staff.

What's your approach to solving problems? How do you get the creative juices flowing? Our jobs often present us with the need to come up with solutions that demand more whilst using fewer resources; and most of us struggle to generate ideas on demand. So how can we get better at this part of our jobs?...

This half-day programme will introduce participants to: Systematic approaches to dealing with 'problems' - although they might also present themselves as challenges, opportunities or unrealised potential. Techniques for generating ideas and then moving them towards implementation. Tools to use on your own or with a team.

We encourage you to bring some live 'problems' with you, so that we can work on real challenges rather than hypothetical ones. You might even want to bring a colleague or two so that you can work on the challenge together. The day will include some theory and some discussion and the intention is that you leave with some sustainable solutions and some techniques to apply to future challenges.


For further information or to book a place on this session please email the OED team direct.

For more information on Jonathan Bowyer please check out his website

Please take a look at the on-line guides and tools to support your development. There are a number of useful areas covered, whether you are managing staff or just for your own development.

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