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We require you to put your payroll/employee number on all correspondence sent to payroll. This is a unique six digit number that can be found at the top right corner of your payslip. ANY CORRESPONDENCE WITHOUT THE PAYROLL/EMPLOYEE NUMBER MAY BE RETURNED TO SENDER.


  • Change of Bank Details
  • Claim Form - Employees paid on submission of timesheet
  • Overtime claim form and Additional Payment Form

    If this is your first employment at Lancaster University, you will need to supply the Payroll Office with the following information, before we will pay you:


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    If you have previously worked at the University but have left or had a break in employment, you must supply the Payroll Office with the above information again as your payroll record may have been ended.

    Payroll Processing

    Groups A & S (Grades 7 and above and Variable Hours Staff)

    Monthly deadline for receipt of all pay claims, personal and bank detail changes, and any other variable input is 15th of each month.

    (we will advise any alterations to this for Easter/Xmas etc.)

    Pay date = 28th or the Friday before if this falls on a weekend / bank holiday

    Groups C & M (Support and Manual Staff)

    Monthly deadline for all overtime claims, personal/bank detail changes and other variable data (union subs etc.) = 4th of each month.

    Pay date = 15th or the Friday before if this falls on a weekend / Bank holiday

    Group T (Temporary Staff)

    Payroll is run monthly. Proof of ID, and all associated personal details must be provided to HR, before work commences. Deadline for authorised pay claims is 15th day of each month (payment is made on the 28th day of each month)

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    Pay Dates

    Month Pay Date Groups C and M Pay Date Groups A, S and T
    Jan 2014 15th 28th
    Feb 2014 14th 28th
    Mar 2014 14th 28th
    Apr 2014 15th 28th
    May 2014 15th 28th
    Jun 2014 13th 27th
    Jul 2014 15th 28th
    Aug 2014 15th 28th
    Sep 2014 15th 26th
    Oct 2014 15th 28th
    Nov 2014 14th 28th
    Dec 2014 15th 24th
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    Tax Information

    The tax year runs from 6th April to the 5th April of the following year. Tax is calculated and deducted monthly on your wages. Below is a brief explanation of tax in the UK, based on yearly earnings.

    The personal tax free earnings allowance for the current tax year 14/15 is 10,000. The standard tax code is 1000L. There are currently three rates of income tax 20% on the first 31,865 of taxable pay, 40% on income 31,866 up to 150,000 and 45% on income above 150,000 Taxable pay is usually your earnings less your contribution to the occupational pension scheme ( including AVC's paid through salary).

    HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs) will send you a coding notice if your tax code is different to the standard personal allowance code detailing how your tax code is arrived at.

    HMRC Tax Enquiries Tel: 0300 200 3300

    Please note, HMRC do not communicate by email. If you receive an email from 'HMRC' notifying you of a tax refund or any other message, please delete it immediately. The message will be a scam. Contact the Payroll Office if you are unsure as to what to do.

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    Pensions Auto-Enrolment

    Employers are now required to automatically enrol their workers onto a qualifying pension scheme. The University has reviewed the implications and made changes from 1st April 2013. Further information is available here.

    Pension Schemes


    USS Proposals for Reform 2014

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