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On-line resources

On-line Resourses


EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion - New EU portal with useful information about researcher mobility, rights and links to job sites including exchange schemes with the USA.

Academic and related jobs - national and international job listings for academics, administrators, support staff, researchers, technicians and students. Includes research posts and studentships.

University vacancies - includes vacancies of all types in UK Universities.

PhD Jobs - a dedicated website for PhD holding job searchers.

Find a Postdoc - a site for PhD students looking for a related job on completion of their research

Recruitment Agencies - the Recruitment & Employment Confederation website provides links to recruitment agencies across the UK.

National Information Service Systems - links to recruitment agencies, covering academic and teaching posts and general areas, classified jobs pages of national and UK regional newspapers and journals, as well as details of graduate recruitment events.

Prospects - one of the UK's main graduate careers websites containing vacancy information, links to international recruitment websites and general help with CVs, covering letters and interview preparation.

Career Development Planner - includes a 'Career Development Planner' for CRS (in the section on Career development), which assists in identifying transferable skills.

Higher Education and Research Opportunities - includes information on academic research problems, outputs and successes, organisation, funding, training and careers, experts, centres of excellence, facilities, methodologies and ethics. The focus is on academic research activities supported by and being carried out by HEIs and the research councils.

Job Hunters Bible - the on-line supplement to the book ‘What Color is Your Parachute’ containing lots of information about career choice and job search.

Careers Information and Vacancy Directory - excellent source of careers information and job vacancies searchable by subject and employment sector

Graduate Job Search - although marketed as a graduate job search site, it contains lots of careers and job vacancy information for Contract Researchers

Concordat - information about the national concordat on the career development and management of Contract Researchers.

Charity jobs contains lots of information about developments in the charity sector and has a job vacancy section.

Company Reports - on-line access to company annual reports.

Presentations a free web site to help improve presentation skills

Recruitment Agencies - agencies listed by industry sector, skill or country

Charity People charity recruitment site including a careers section with articles on fundraising and making applications

Academic Careers

Landing an Academic Job - this book, ‘Landing an academic job – the process and the pitfalls’, is written by Jonathan A. Dantzig, a US academic. Lots of the advice, (apart from that relating to the construction of a CV) that can be applied to the UK context.

Moving out of Academia

Options Outside Academia and - both sites offer career ideas and inspiration for those with PhDs who wish to move outside the HE sector.

Physics - a personal view of the career options available to those who decide to leave academic Physics.

Science (see also ‘overseas’)

Publication Skills In Science And Medicine - Tips and advice on being more successful when writing for publication in peer reviewed journals.

Cancer Research UK - Has details of postdoctoral fellowships.

Science Careers - Contains articles, case studies, careers advice and links to vacancy sources for scientists.

Nature Jobs - careers related information and science job vacancies

Biotechnology Directory - global directory of biotechnology companies – basic company details are free, more detailed information is chargeable.

Bioexchange - directory of Biotechnology and Life Science companies.

Physiology - careers information and vacancy sections for physiologically related jobs

Bioscience and medicine - for job vacancies in bioscience and medicine search ‘positions’

Biology - careers and job vacancy information for Biologists

New Scientist - this site features the science vacancies advertised in New Scientist.

Wellcome - contains details of biomedical research funding schemes and a vacancies database.

Health - a digest of health related research funding and training opportunities. - for health service work including research.

Environment wide range of UK based environmentally related jobs.

Environment recruitment agency specialising in corporate responsibility, and sustainability.

Department of Trade and Industry has overviews of initiatives and funding within science and research.

British Council has a wealth of information including Gateway to UK Science.

Community of Science offers funding opportunities, scientific expertise and potential collaborators from around the world.

UK Science Park Association provides a searchable database of science parks by region

Patent Office contains careers and vacancy information.

The British Association for the Advancement of Science

Committee on the Public Understanding of Science

The Royal Society promotes in excellence in science and contains information about UK science funding and details of public engagement and outreach programmes.

Association of British Science Writers has a careers section detailing ways into the profession.

Social Science

Social Science Information Gateway - Social Science information gateway containing specialist research information and a CV posting facility leading to the Social Science Research Grapevine below.

Social Science Research Grapevine - Social Sciences Research Grapevine provides information about events and career development opportunities for social science researchers in all sectors.

The UK Centre for Economic and Environmental Development. - The Centre aims to demonstrate the benefits to business and the economy of good environmental practice. It does this through research, promotion of good practice, provision of policy advice to government and business, demonstration projects and engagement activities.

Forum for the Future - a charity committed to sustainable development. We focus on the root causes and connections between big issues such as climate change, social inequality and environmental degradation.

The Long Now Foundation. - The Long Now Foundation hopes to provide counterpoint to today's "faster/cheaper" mind set and promote "slower/better" thinking. We hope to creatively foster responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years.

Demos is a London-based think tank that generates ideas to improve politics and policy - Demos is a think-tank focused on power and politics. We search for and communicate ideas to give people more power to shape their own lives. Demos' vision is a democracy of free citizens, with an equal stake in society. Our work is driven by the goal of a society populated by free, powerful citizens. It is animated by four themes.

Links to government, political parties and NGO's - PSI undertakes and publishes research studies relevant to social, economic, industrial and environmental policy. In 2009 it merged with the University of Westminster.

Institute for Public Policy Research - As an independent, radical and progressive think tank that for over 21 years, IPPR’s research and policy ideas have helped shape the progressive thinking that is now the political centre ground.

Social Market Foundation - The Social Market Foundation is a leading UK think tank, developing innovative ideas across a broad range of economic and social policy.

Institute for European Environmental Policy - IEEP is an independent not for profit institute dedicated to advancing an environmentally sustainable Europe through policy analysis, development and dissemination.

European Environmental Bureau - EEB's specific mission is to promote environmental policies and sustainable policies on the European Union level.

Making sense of climate change - CarbonSense has become a first port of call for companies in the UK, Europe and beyond that are seeking to develop a leading edge climate change strategy.

Making sense of climate change - CarbonSense has become a first port of call for companies in the UK, Europe and beyond that are seeking to develop a leading edge climate change strategy.

People Science and Policy - PSP uses the tools of social research and data analysis to help clients understand the public and their other stakeholders.

UK Energy Research Centre - The UK Energy Research Centre is the focal point for UK research on sustainable energy. It takes an independent, whole-systems approach, drawing on engineering, economics and the physical, environmental and social sciences.


Commonwealth Universities - the Association of Commonwealth Universities International Job Vacancy Service.

EU Academic Jobs - information on academic and research jobs in Europe.

International academic jobs - large collection of internet resources for the academic job hunter focusing on UK, USA, Canada and Austalia

Chronicle of Higher Education - the US version of the Times Higher Education Supplement.

Academic Employment - gives details of vacancies in North American educational institutions.

Telejobs - electronic job exchange board for research assistants and doctoral student positions in the technological institutes of Zurich (AVETH) and Lausanne (ACIDE).

British Council - a useful site for international researchers working in the UK and for researchers wishing relaocate overseas. It contains a european research job vacancy section.

National Newspapers

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