Natural Health Care

We are a group of complimentary health therapists providing natural health care for students, staff and their families. We are based on the first floor of the chaplaincy centre.

We believe that body, mind, emotions and spirit are interlinked, and in our work we harness the body's own natural capacity to re-balance and energise itself. Each therapist is professionally qualified, experienced and fully insured.

We offer discounted rates to all students. Purple card holders can benefit from further savings on treatments - watch out for regular special offers.

Gift vouchers are available all year round for Alexander Technique, Aromatherapy and body massage, Bowen technique, Homeopathy Herbalism and Reflexology.

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Alexander Technique:

The Alexander Technique is a practical method for changing unwanted and unnecessary physical and mental habits, be they in everyday tasks or more specialised activities.

Many people learn the Alexander Technique to address physical problems such as backache, neck or shoulder pain, RSI, stress, vocal or breathing disorders. Others learn it to improve their performance in business or presentation skills or to develop poise and elegance in movement. The effectiveness of the Alexander Technique is well documented and has been the subject of several scientific studies.

Bernadette will invite you to increase your awareness and self observation.

T'ai Chi:

Gentle movement to align the body, loosen the muscles, open the joints and relax the mind.

Short Talks


Find out some of the ways that herbs can improve your health and well-being with an introductory one-to-one consultation".


Find out how Reflexology works and how it helps to stimulate the body's own healing capacity. It can help many chronic and acute conditions and is perfect for relaxation.


A system of medicine for physical, mental and emotional conditions. A brief overview of homeopathy and its uses. If you have queries about whether Homeopathy can help you, please come with your questions for more information.

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