Making changes to your benefits

The following benefits can be changed if you experience a qualifying life changing event (a life event) during the flexible benefits year:

The following benefits can be selected or changed at any time of the year:

The following benefits cannot be changed once selected:

To change your benefits you need to first call the Flexible Benefits Helpdesk extension 10614 to register the change.

Once your change request has been accepted, you will be advised of how to make the changes on the on-line flexible benefits system.

To access the on-line system, you will need your employee number (found on the top right hand corner of your payslip) and your flexible benefits password. If you have forgotten your password, a replacement will be issued by the system. Deadlines for making changes:

If you have experienced a life event and believe you are eligible to make a change to your benefits, please contact Nick Thoume on the flexible benefits helpdesk: email or tel 01524 510614.

The window for making changes to your benefits is from the 1st to the 22rd of each month. If you call the helpdesk between these dates, your change will be effective from the 1st of the following month.

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