Rules Governing Outside Professional Activities

for Heads of Departments

This guidance draws attention to the key features of the document ‘Rules Governing Outside Professional Activities’ (HR/791). The document was significantly revised in September 2009 to reflect the creation of LUCS.

University contracts permit staff on grades 6 and above to engage in outside professional activity at the University’s discretion. The following conditions apply:

If the above conditions are met, there will be no loss of salary.

Prior to undertaking new work members of staff must:

Download the (HR/791/A) form.

Head of Departments:

The procedure for Consultancy work carried out via LUCS can be obtained from the RES web psite Conflicts of interest, pecuniary and other, can arise in many situations. Members of staff must declare their interest in outside organisations.

This is a complex area. Heads of Departments should seek advice if in any doubt from the Research and Enterprises Service Division or the University Secretary.

(David Owen)
Review Date July 2014

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