Flexible benefits

Salary Sacrifice Pre-School Fees

Provider: University Pre-School Centre

Background: This benefit enables you to save tax and NI on the full cost of pre-school centre fees. Prospective users of the centre from 1 September 2009 will have selected this benefit by completing the pre-school centre booking form prior to the start of the 12 month booking period. The Flexible Benefits system will show the amount you are paying for the cost of childcare; please ensure this amount is correct.

Amendments to Benefit: Any changes must be in accordance with the Pre-School Centre terms and conditions of booking. Initial contact should be made with the Pre-School Centre.

Tax and NI implications: This is operated by salary sacrifice. You will save tax and NI on this benefit.

Savings: Based on spending 500 per month at the Centre a member of staff on 25,000 would save approximately 147.00 per month.

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