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Colloquium on The Knowledge Based Economy

Please note, this research programme has now concluded and these pages are maintained here as a record of the activities of the Institute for Advanced Studies.

19-20 October 2005


The format of the colloquium was relatively unique: we invited people from different disciplines (geography, education and literacy, political economy, technology studies, gender studies, sociology and organisation and management studies) to speak for 10 - 15 minutes on the issues that KBE raised for their work and/or discipline. The discussions were far more illuminating than we had imagined, and far more informative than many conferences where speakers have a lot longer. The consensus was that this kind of multi-disciplinary thinking encourages the lateral thinking often generated in more orthodox fora.

Themes explored

Speakers: Ramon Ribera-Fumaz, James Faulconbridge, Dick Walker

Speakers: David Barton, Karin Tusting

Speakers: Stefano Harney, Sol Picciotto

Speakers: Ossie Jones, Karel Williams

Speakers: Sharon Bolton, Roger Penn, Robin Fincham

Speakers: Phil Macnaughten/Matthew Kearnes, Bronislaw Szerszynski, Larry Reynolds

Speakers: Ann Bergman, Sylvia Walby, Harriet Bradley

Speakers: Stephen Ackroyd Ian Kirkpatrick, Gerry Hanlon

Speakers: Mike Reed, Anthony Hesketh, Jason Ferdinand, Dave Simm


Colloquium attendees


  • Ann Bergman (University of Karlstad, Sweden)
  • Harriet Bradley (Bristol University)
  • Jason Ferdinand (Liverpool University)
  • Robin Fincham (Stirling University)
  • Gerry Hanlon (Leicester University)
  • Stefano Harney (Leicester University)
  • Ossie Jones (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Ian Kirkpatrick (Leeds University)
  • Mike Reed (Cardiff University)
  • Richard Walker (University of Berkeley)
  • Karel Williams (University of Manchester)


  • Stephen Ackroyd (Organisation, Work and Technology)
  • David Barton (Literacy Research Centre)
  • Sharon Bolton (Organisation, Work and Technology)
  • James Faulconbridge (Geography)
  • Steve Fleetwood (Organisation, Work and Technology)
  • Zoe Fowler (Literacy Research Centre)
  • Mary Hamilton (Educational Research)
  • Ant Hesketh (Management Learning and Leadership)
  • Geraint Howells (Law School)
  • Matthew Kearnes (Centre for the Study of Environmental Change)
  • Phil Macnaghten (Centre for the Study of Environmental Change)
  • Uta Papen (Linguistics and English Language)
  • Roger Penn (Sociology)
  • Maria Piacentini (Marketing)
  • Sol Picciotto (Law School)
  • Larry Reynolds (Centre for the Study of Environmental Change)
  • Andrew Sayer (Sociology)
  • David Simm (Accounting and Finance)
  • Karin Tusting (Literacy Research Centre)
  • John Urry (Sociology)
  • Sylvia Walby (Sociology)
  • Sue Walters (Literacy Research Centre)
  • Gemma Wibberley (Organisation, Work and Technology)


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