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Inaugural Annual Research Programme: Knowledge-Based Economy, 2005-06

Please note, this research programme has now concluded and these pages are maintained here as a record of the activities of the Institute for Advanced Studies.

The Research Programme

knowledge-based economyThe programme on The Knowledge Based Economy was the first Annual Research Programme of IAS, dedicated to providing distinguished scholars and practitioners from UK and overseas with ‘time to think’ on crucial contemporary issues in a rich and supportive interdisciplinary environment.

The programme began with a colloquium in October 2005 and concluded with an international conference in late August 2006. The intervening period was filled with a series of two-day workshops, seminars and public lectures bringing together local scholars with colleagues from Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and USA.

Programme overview

The term 'Knowledge-Based Economy' (KBE) conjures a world of smart people, in smart jobs, doing smart things, in smart ways, for smart money, increasingly open to all rather than a few. It has become the dominant economic strategy for many countries, regions, and cities and is endorsed by many economic, political, and social forces. It has also been criticized for creating a digital divide, new forms of social exclusion, and restricting access to the intellectual commons.

Through the following workshops, seminars, lectures and concluding conference, the programme considered the KBE as a leading economic and social paradigm. It examined the KBE's widespread adoption by firms, cities, regions, states, and international organizations as the basis for economic and political strategies, its dynamics, its costs and benefits, and its repercussions on wider social and cultural relations.




19-20 October 2005

Initial Colloquium: The Knowledge Based Economy

21 October 2005

Workshop: Radical Geography of the Knowledge-Based Economy
Steve Fleetwood

4-6 November 2005

Academic-Activist Workshop: Knowledge Laboratory on Globalisation from Above and Below
Contact: Martin Pedersen

30 November -
1 December 2005

Workshop: Discourses of the KBE
Contact: Bob Jessop; Ruth Wodak; Norman Fairclough

19-20 January 2006

Workshop: Education in the KBE
Steve Fleetwood

23-24 January 2006

Workshop: Corporations in the Knowledge-Based Economy
Contact: Stephen Ackroyd

2 February 2006

Transforming or Transacting the Back Office? The Role of Outsourcing in the Knowledge Based Organisations
Contact: Dr Anthony Hesketh

3-5 February 2006

Knowledgelab Weekend
Contact: Martin Pedersen
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7 February 2006

Seminar: Navigating the Knowledge Economy
Leif Edvinsson, Professor of Intellectual Capital at Lund University, Sweden

16-17 March 2006

Workshop: Gendering the Knowledge Economy
Contact: Sylvia Walby

5-6 April 2006

Workshop: Creation of Value in a KBE
Steve Fleetwood

20-21 April 2006

Workshop: Consumers in a Knowledge-Based Economy
Contact: Geraint Howells

27-28 April 2006

Workshop: Mapping the bioeconomy: the KBE and the biosciences
Contact: Bronislaw Szerszynski; Brian Wynne

4-5 May 2006

Workshop: Changing literacies in the Knowledge-Based Economy?
Contact: David Barton

1-2 June 2006

Workshop: The Knowledge Based Economy and the Re-Invention of Regions
Contact: Ramon Ribera Fumaz

16 June 2006

Stewart Clegg lecture: Joint IAS/LUMS Research Seminar
'The Futures of Power and their implications for organisations'


28-29 June 2006

Workshop: Trade unions in the "Information Age"
Contact: John Hogan, University of Hertfordshire

4 July 2006

Science, Intellectual Property and Openness
Contact: Chris May

5-6 July 2006

Metatheorising the KBE
Steve Fleetwood

11 July 2006

Roy Bhaskar lecture
3-5pm, MR1, IAS Building
"Marx's Critique of the Hegelian Dialectic and the Fate of Actually Existing Socialism"

12-13 July 2006

Workshop: Work in a KBE
Steve Fleetwood

19-20 July 2006

Knowledge Work and the Organisation
Contact: Mike Reed

31 August - 2 September 2006

International conference: Debating the Knowledge-based Economy
Steve Fleetwood

20-21 September 2006

Workshop: Professions, Knowledge Workers and the KBE
Contact: Daniel Muzio


Visiting Fellows

Over the course of the Annual Programme, the IAS welcomed the following Visiting Scholars:

  • Eric Haas (University of Connecticut, USA)
  • Gustavo Fischman (Arizona State University, USA)
  • Ann Bergman (University of Karstad, Sweden)
  • Dong-Min Rieu (Chungnam National University, South Korea)
  • Makoto Nishibe (University of Hokkaido, Japan)
  • Per Brodhscoll (Agder University College, Norway)
  • Tony Burch (Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia)
  • Judy Nagy (Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia)
  • Mohan Thite (Griffiths University, Brisbane, Australia)
  • Sandra Jones( Melbourne School of Management, Australia)
  • David Cooper(University of Alberta, Canada)
  • Melissa Fisher(Georgetown University, USA)
  • Roy Bhaskar (University of Uppsala, Sweden)


Further Information

Further information about the programme can still be obtained by contacting:

Prof Bob Jessop
IAS Director
Institute for Advanced Studies
County College South
Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YD
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1524 510812/510816



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