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An interdisciplinary international conference to be held at Lancaster University

Thursday, 10 July – Saturday, 12 July 2008

This conference investigates ‘protection’ at the intersections of security, sciences, technologies, markets and design.  It considers three central questions:


  • How is ‘safe living’ conceived of by designers, artist-writers, policy makers and regulators, scientist-engineers, social scientists and humanities scholars, and how do these conceptualisations of ‘safe living’ engage with sciences and technologies of protection? 
  • Is ‘safe living’ achievable, and how do conceptual, practical, political and cultural practices of design engage with sciences and technologies of protection to achieve ‘safe living’? 
  • And if ‘safe living’ were achievable, would it be desirable – as a politics, as an ethic, as a day-to-day way of life?  Would ‘new sciences of protection’ make us safe or would they commodify us and/or multiply our fears and anxieties?

Keynote Speakers 

Fiona Raby (Royal College of Art, London, UK and dunneandraby designs, author of Design Noir)

Professor Lucy Suchman (Lancaster University, UK, 'Human-Machine Reconfigurations: Plans and Situated Actions 2nd Edition')

Lynn Hershman Leeson (Director of ‘Strange Culture’)

Benjamin H. Bratton (Director Advanced Strategies Group at Yahoo!, SCI_Arc and UCLA Design|Media Arts, author of Design and Terrorism)

Timothy W. Luke (Virginia Polytechnic University, author of 'Vectors of Visualization')

Sheila Jasanoff Harvard University

Patricia Clough CUNY



Draft conference programme available to down load here:

Draft Programme


Registration & Payment

Please complete booking form and return to, then register and pay online at the same time. Your booking will not be guaranteed until we have received both the payment and registration form.

Registration Form

Register and pay online


Exhibition Space

If you would like to exhibit materials relating to the theme of the conference please contact  Please note that any costs incurred for hiring equipment are to be paid by the exhibitor.





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