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Archive of Funded Programmes


Over the past six years, the Institute has distributed approximately £100,000 of seed-corn funding to small-scale research activities at Lancaster through its Incubation Programme.

The Programme provides seed-corn support for small and pilot research activities that must be designed to encourage interdisciplinary and post-disciplinary dialogue between local, regional and international academic and non-academic colleagues. Programmes may then go on to develop into more substantive 'spinout' activities such as annual research programmes or research centres and which may generate grant applications to external funding bodies.

There are two bidding rounds for funding for incubation projects annually. Calls are announced early in the Michaelmas and Lent terms.


Incubation Programme (2009-10) - Round 8

The 2008-09 competition is now closed. Projects awarded in this round are:

Modernisation, Globalisation and Alterglobalisation in Latin America - £933.92

To support a workshop to be held on 24 February 2010.

Text-mining in the Digital Humanities: the Interface between Conceptual History, Critical Discourse Analysis and Corpus Linguistics - £1,520

To support a two-day workshop to be held in April 2010.

Insecure Times, Emergency Measures, State(s) of Exception? - £1,270

To support a two-day inter-disciplinary workshop to be held in July 2010.

Incubation Programme (2008-09) - Round 7

Touching War Programme - £20,000


Conceptualising the Social: Implications of Europeanisation and Globalisation - £2,500

To support two research workshops to be held in June 2009 and June 2010, intended to lead to the establishment of a research cluster and to a further, internationally funded project.

Heidegger's 'Movement of Nihilism' as Political and Metaphysical Critique - £2,400

To support meetings of a research group in Lent and Summer Terms 2009 in order to plan a conference in November 2009. An edited volume will also result from the meetings.

Environment 2.0: Enabling Mass Engagement in the Environment - £2,500

To support two workshops and two experimental projects, in collaboration with the Met Office and the National History Museum.

Incubation Programme (2007-08) - Round 6

Social Arts & Technologies - £2500

To support a lecture and two-day workshop which will seek to consolidate the establishment of a new research group and contribute to the development of two large grant applications to AHRC and EPSRC.

Regarding War: Image/Text - £2500

‘Regarding War: Image/Text is to be developed under the aegis of the Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research in collaboration with LICA. It will produce an archive of creative imagery and writing that reflects upon the experience of contemporary war(s) from perspectives in the North-West of England. The project will be free-standing in terms of its funding, methodology, and locus of production and dissemination, but will also make a lasting contribution to the Faculty ARP ‘Touching War’. Its overarching aim is consonant with the ARP’s interest in ways in which contemporary war(s) ‘touch’ individuals and communities.

In the phase of the project funded by IAS, an exemplar of a photographic/creative writing interface will be commissioned that reflects upon ways in which war touches and/or can be touched from North-West perspectives. The photographer and creative writer will collaborate on a set of 5 images accompanied by text. The two participants will keep a diary of the creative process on weblogs and consider aesthetic, political and ethical implications of the image- making process. The resulting art work and reflection will inaugurate the online archive. More»

Administrative Assistant for Supporting a Bid to Host September 2010 UACES Annual Conference- £2000

To employ a postgraduate student to provide administrative support for the University Association for Contemporary European Studies’ annual conference over a period of 12 months (mid-September 2009 to mid-September 2010).

Lancaster Interdisciplinary Postcolonial seminar (LIPS) - £850

To support a year long seminar series in 2008-09 with up to five external speakers.

Warfare & Healthcare - £2000

To support two planning workshops to be held between June 2008 - June 2009 to develop a proposal for a large seminar series.

Indigenous Peoples' Rights - £1000

To support a one-day workshop in September 2008.

Foucault & Critical Realism - £1985

To support a series of two one-day open seminars and six local workshops to be held between  June 2008 – July 2009. More»

Heidegger's Last God - £424 More»

Cultures of Consumption in Illegal Markets - £662.20

To support two one-day workshops to be held between September 2008 and March 2009 which will seek to consolidate the establishment of a new research group and research programme.

Feminists Rethink Neo-Liberalism:Work/Space and Making Difference - £1260

To support two one-day workshops to be held between November 2008 and April 2009 to create a post-disciplinary network of Lancaster researchers.

Dynamics of Memories - £2500

To support a series of workshops, seminars and a reading group to take place between June 2008 and September 2009. More»

The Lancaster Professions Network - £1950

To support a series of workshops and 'related activities' which promote the sharing of professional expertise at Lancaster, and between academics and practitioners. The network will also seek to heighten the profile of Lancaster for the study of the professions. Events are to take place between August 2008 and July 2009.



IAS funded projects to date

The following programmes have received IAS incubation grants. For more details about individual projects, please follow the appropriate link.



Incubation Programme Round 5 ( 2006-07)

Forces of Concentration in European Financial Geographies - £850

To support a workshop addressing the affect of geographical financial concentration on European financial centres leading to the development of a large collaborative programme. More»

Rediscovering the Mediterranean Seminar Series - £2000

To support a series of seminars looking at emergent Mediterranean mobilities and socio-environmental landscapes. More»

New Discourses in Contemporary China - £2400

To support a colloquium to bring together a wide interdisciplinary collaborative network concerned with the emergent discourses in contemporary China and the perception of China as reflected in the Western media. More»

Feminist Media Studies Research Group - £2500

The main impetus behind the formation of this research group was to address what we perceive to be a gap between theory and analysis within politically orientated media analysis. Feminist theory, queer theory, post-colonial theory, critical race studies, science studies and disability theory have proved productive sites of critical thought in the humanities and social sciences.  However the methodological challenge of critical media analysis in the context of rapid transformations in media technologies, media production/agency and media citizenship often remain marginalized within these theoretical areas of enquiry.

This research group- which has over twenty members drawn from across Arts, Social Sciences and Management at Lancaster-- is exploring how to engage new concepts and theories such as emotions and affect, figuration and actualization, in the context of globalised media and trans-national understandings of culture and society. 

To date we have run a reading group (focusing of theories of effect and emotion), we have held an amazing staff training event on the topic of ‘Getting Grants in Gender Research’ with Professor Elspeth Probyn and we have presented new research at conferences and seminars across the UK. We are currently running a visiting speaker seminar series and we are a planning a one day workshop in Spring 2009. See our website for forthcoming events and details of how to join this research group. More»

The Role of NGos in International Governance - £1000

To support an initial one day workshop bringing together individuals from three sectors, non-governmental organisations, international policy-makers and academia, to discuss the contributions of non-governmental organisations in influencing the formation of policy in an international context with the aim to establish further annual or bi-annual workshops. More»

Replacing Ceremony and Ritual - £2500

To support a seminar series to reopen the discursive frame within which ceremony and ritual are understood. More»

Erupting Conversations - £1600

To support a workshop series on how Ecuadorian indigenous peoples' traditional knowledge interfaces with commercial and natural forces.



Incubation Programme Round 4 ( 2005-06)

Economic espionage and knowledge-based economies - £2000

To support a workshop to lay the foundations for the development of a distributed, trans-disciplinary research network to further understanding of economic espionage.

Negotiating religious identities - £3,598

To support an interdisciplinary seminar series exploring the interface between debates about identity and debates about religion. More»

Engaging HEIs in Business and the Community - £2500

To support an interdisciplinary workshop to discuss the significance and complexities of social network learning and knowledge transfer with a specific emphasis on outreach, third mission and community/group development work and research. More»



Incubation Programme Round 3 (2004-05)

Re-/constructions of Europe/EU: on social, political and cultural dimensions of reforming and enlarging the European Union - £2000
To provide co-funding for an international symposium on the above theme. More»

Performativity research cluster - £150
To provide start-up funding for a new research cluster exploring interdisciplinary approaches to notions of performance and performativity. More»

Mobilising hospitality: the ethics of sociality in a mobile world - £2100
To support a workshop bringing together researchers from across disciplines to think about hospitality as a concept for theorising social relations in an increasingly mobile world. More»

Hard labour: the cultural politics of reproduction and parenting - £2000
To support the development of a new research cluster in the area of transdisciplinary approaches to reproduction and parenting by funding two workshops/ day schools to encourage bridge-building between cultural, social, political, economic and management studies. More»

Civil society and conflict prevention - £3000
To support a workshop to develop the debate between scholars and the NGO community in terms of the potential roles and limits of civil society actors in conflict prevention initiatives, both locally and internationally. More»

Art, Politics and the Life Sciences - £2420
To support the development of a new research cluster exploring the intersection of art, science and politics along two axes: one running between scientific knowledge and images, the other running between art and politics. More»

What is gender in a global era? - £2500
To support the first year of a two-year international seminar series intending a creative tension between theoretical and emprical research, so as to develop the operationalisation of the concept of gender equality adequate to a global era.

Knowledge laboratory on globalisation from above and below - £3000
To support a project to bring together academics, postgraduate students and civil society actors to explore and evaluate (i) the conditions, contradictions and implications of the merging of new communications technologies and forms of networking with traditional forms of knowledge and reserves of information and (ii) the relationships between this development and the manifestations of global capital and forces resistant to it.



Incubation Programme Round 2 (2003-04)

Politics of Mobilities: Ecotourism in North-South Relations - £2500
To support a workshop to bring together academics working on the politics of ecotourism, with two specific aims: in the short term to produce an edited collection, and in the longer term to establish a network to work on future funding bids. The workshop will be held under the umbrella of the Centre for Mobilities Research (Cemore) at Lancaster University. More»

Media Industry Forum - £2000
To support a forum for discussion of how both media corporations and regulators involved are trying to come to grips with an environment which is proving at this point in time to be increasingly difficult to negotiate.

Exploring the Social, Cultural, Personal and Employment Implications of Working within an Indian Call Centre - £1500
To support a workshop on the above theme, with a view to developing a bid for a larger research project.



Incubation Programme Round 1 (2002-03)

Material Culture and Consumption Group - £2000
To support a series of events over the next two years with a view to developing the Material Culture and Consumption Group into a research centre. More»

Gendered Bodies, Technology and Health Practices - £3000
To support an international seminar series on the above topic with a view to putting forward a proposal under the ESRC's "Science in Society" programme.

Mobile Communications Workshop - £2000
To support a workshop on the above theme as part of the Alternative Mobility Futures conference in January 2004 with a view to exploring collaborative external funding applications. More»

Social Capital and its Relevance to Entrepreneurship - £2000
To support a one-and-a-half day workshop bringing together academics and practitioners from a range of Social Sciences and Management-related disciplines to explore the relationships between social capital and entrepreneurship. More»

Cultural Political Economy Research Cluster - £2000
To support the work of the Cultural Political Economy Research Cluster, specifically through funding a workshop involving internal and external academics to explore the cultural and practical dimensions of political economy and its embedding in wider social and cultural relations.

New Securities Forum - £2500
To support a series of activities undertaken by the New Securities Forum including a seminar series and an interdisciplinary international conference and accompanying student film competition on the theme of the new securities to take place in July 2004. More»


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