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Envisioning Real Utopias

Professor Erik Olin Wright - Vilas distinguished Professor, Dept of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

8 December 2008, 5pm Management School Lecture Theatre 2.

Erik Olin Wright is one of the US's leading radical scholars. He has published widely on class, democracy, inequality and marxist theory, and 'real utopias'. The Real Utopias Project , begun in 1991, explores a wide range of proposals and models for radical social change. The basic idea is to combine serious normative discussions of the underlying principles and rationales for different emancipatory visions with the analysis of pragmatic problems of institutional design. This has resulted in a number of conferences and collections on inequality, democracy, market socialism and egalitarianism.



Inaugural International Lecture 2007

The Limits of Science, Frontiers of Research and Other Open Questions

Prof Helga Nowotny - Vice-President of the European Research Council

10 October 2007, 6pm. Meeting Room 2-3, IAS Building.

To ask about the limits of science seems to be either an obsolete or a deliberately provocative question given the almost limitless horizon of potential and opportunities that science and technology are currently opening up. But what is happening in the social sciences and humanities, besieged as the world is by problems seemingly addressed to them? Or are only the approaches used in the social sciences and humanities nearing their limit? Simultaneously, the frontiers of research are vigorously pushed forward as a collective as well as an individual endeavour. Where exactly are the frontiers in the social sciences and humanities today and what is happening there?


IAS Guest Lecture Series

Professor Roy Bhaskar - IAS Visiting Fellow

January and July 2006

  • Marx's Critique of the Hegelian Dialectic and the Fate of Actually Existing Socialism
  • Applied Critical Realism and the Ontological Case for Interdisciplinarity

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