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From time to time, the IAS supports and/or provides co-funding for seminars and seminar series. The IAS welcomes enquiries about possible support for seminars. All enquiries should be directed to the IAS Administrator in the first instance.


Undertaking Interdisciplinary Research

31 January 2007

This seminar explored the meaning of interdisciplinarity in principle and in practice. Researchers with substantial experience in interdisciplinary research presented their work - what it meant for them, how they integrated it into their overall project and the value that it added to their ability to intrepret and explain the social world. More»


Open Futures Workshop Series and Conference

February - November 2005

The IAS provided funding for the Open Futures workshop series and conference, which ran from February to November 2005. The objective of Open Futures was to understand and explore key social and cultural themes in three areas: work, home, and social. A programme of workshops preceded a major conference which took place in November 2005 at Lancaster University.

Open Futures is part of the Institute of Advanced Studies at Lancaster University and the membership covers a wide range of academic and commercial expertise. More»



Transnational High Tech Strategies in a Globalised World

July 2003

The Institute of Advanced Studies hosted its first international workshop in July 2003 in the beautiful Cumbrian town of Kirkby Lonsdale. Its focus was on the nature and dynamics of transnational strategies in high tech industries and knowledge-intensive business services in a globalizing world. More»

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