I-Like Workshop 2016
Lancaster University


The i-Like workshop 2016 is the fourth edition of a yearly series of workshops dedicated to the topic of intractable likelihoods, hosted by Lancaster University. The workshop will take place on Wednesday 22nd - Friday 24th June 2016.

The workshop is organised by the EPSRC programme grant i-like.

Registration is required for attendance; details on how to register can be found here.

Intractable Likelihood

In many challenging statistical inference problems of the 21st century, the existing likelihood-based methods, e.g. Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, the EM algorithm and Sequential Monte Carlo methods are limited and can not address the high dimensionality and massive data sets. However recent breakthroughs in computational and statistical approaches hold promise to address intractable likelihood problems, including pseudo-marginal and particle MCMC, likelihood-free methods such as Approximate Bayesian Computation, composite and pseudo-likelihoods, new simulation methods for hitherto intractable stochastic models, and adaptive Monte Carlo methods. These advances coupled with developments in multi-core computational technologies such as GPUs, have enormous potential for extending likelihood methods to meet the most difficult challenges of modern scientific questions.

This workshop will bring together leaders in the field of computational statistics and scientific computing to discuss their latest ideas and present methods for addressing complex inference problems. This year's workshop has a particular emphasis on the application of intractable likelihood, across areas such as genetics, networks and epidemics.


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