Update about the recent worldwide cyber attacks - 15th May

Issue details
! Important update

No Lancaster University systems have currently been affected by the ransomware cyber-attacks that affected the NHS and other organisations across the world. However please be vigilant and, where needed, take precautions and report concerns to prevent any potential attack.

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At this time, the main precautions you can take are to:

  • Make sure that security updates for your computer are installed as soon as they are made available (if you currently have security updates waiting to be installed, please restart your computer immediately);
  • Make sure the antivirus software on your computer is up-to-date (our site licensing entitles you to install Symantec Endpoint Protection antivirus software on your personal computer); and
  • Make sure that you store your work/data on our protected University systems (e.g. LU Box, personal or departmental filestore).

What to do if your computer is attacked
If you are using a computer that connects to the University IT network or systems (including PC lab and teaching space computers on campus, and via VPN from off campus) and you see a ransomware message stating your files have been encrypted, please turn off the computer immediately and report the incident to the ISS Service Desk.

Our regular advice about suspicious emails remains the same – do not click on any links or open attachments in any suspicious email you receive, and forward the email to the ISS Service Desk. If you have clicked on a link or opened an attachment in a suspicious email, please contact the Service Desk immediately.

We’ll continue to monitor University systems, and will take action or provide you with further advice if needed.

Service Issues Alerts

  • Working off campus

    Access to your email, filestore and more, from off campus

  • Email

    Your University email, and mailing lists for staff

  • Printing

    Networked printing via a range of printers across campus

  • Storage

    Secure storage of work/data for you, your department, and for research

  • ResNet

    Access to the Internet and network in student rooms on campus

  • Wi-Fi

    Access to Wi-Fi via the wireless network across campus

  • Software

    Access to software licensed by the University, and options to buy.

  • Portal, Moodle, Sakai

    Easy access to information and services related to your academic studies, including the VLE.

  • Phones, Messaging, Meetings

    VoIP phones across campus, and messaging/conferencing applications.

  • iLancaster

    Mobile app featuring Lancaster focused resources for students and staff.

  • Teaching Space Technology

    Provision and support for technology in teaching spaces across campus.


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