17 June 2014

As part of an initiative to save energy and to make it easier to access your PC if you’re away from the office, Power Management software is being rolled out to provide ISS Supported Windows desktop PCs with simplified power settings.

The roll-out is due to begin in early July. Following installation of the Power Management software, if you have an ISS supported Windows desktop PC you will be able to:

  • Set the time that your computer goes to sleep/standby more easily.
  • Remotely connect to your work computer (Remote Desktop) from any location without using VPN, waking it up if it is asleep.
  • Prevent your computer from going to sleep if you need to leave it processing overnight.
  • Monitor the power usage for your computer.

Staff will be contacted beforehand to let them know when the Power Management software will be installed, and to signpost them to information about choosing and using the power settings.

Laptops, Independent Windows PCs and Macs will not get the new Power Management software but can still make energy savings using the computer’s built-in power settings.

If you have an Independent Windows PC but would prefer ISS to take care of your software and updates, as well as having access to the Power Management software, contact the ISS Service Desk who will be able to pass your request to your local technical support team.