6 September 2017

On 18th September 2017 AppsAnywhere replaced Application Jukebox (AppJ) as the way to get access to site licensed software.

  • You now get all new applications through AppsAnywhere (not AppJ).
  • For applications you currently get via AppJ (except for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and LUSI Desktop*) you’ll need to remove them from your AppJ CloudPaging player then get them via AppsAnywhere (see information at bottom of page).

*If you already use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or LUSI Desktop, please continue to use them as you currently do until we contact you. 

What does AppsAnywhere do?

AppsAnywhere runs software on demand for you - once you've got the CloudPaging player on your computer you won't need to request admin rights to get access to an application or have to locate a specific computer that runs an application.

Introducing AppsAnywhere means that in the future we can make applications available on Macs too (AppJ could only be used on Windows computers).

The following video gives you an overview of AppsAnywhere.

How do I access AppsAnywhere?

      • To access software via AppsAnywhere you first need to install the CloudPaging player
        Note that if you've already been accessing software via AppJ, you should already have the CloudPaging player installed. It is automatically installed on ISS Supported computers.
      • You can access AppsAnywhere at: lancaster.ac.uk/apps

How do I remove applications from my CloudPaging player? 

As part of the changeover from AppJ to AppsAnywhere, you need to remove from your CloudPaging player any applications you currently get via AppJ, then launch them again from AppsAnywhere. Follow the instructions for switching from AppJ to AppsAnywhere

More information about using AppsAnywhere