28 November 2017

Using the Lancaster eStream media management system it’s easy for staff and students to create and share videos...and at the click of a button lecturers can even make videos available to view in their Moodle courses.

Lancaster eStream enables staff and students to:

  • Create videos using a Web Recorder feature (via Google Chrome browser);
  • Create interactive videos by embedding quizzes, links, and documents into their video timeline;
  • Create playlists of videos, and add chapters so they can provide links to specific clips; and
  • View videos (and other media such as images) on any device and from anywhere, regardless of their original format.

In addition, lecturers can:

  • Make videos viewable in their Moodle courses via the click of a button. Videos added to a Moodle course are even available automatically in the new version of the course that gets generated when it rolls over to the next year.
  • Add eStream videos that were created by others (such as the Library and ISS Training team) to their Moodle courses; and
  • Allow students to submit video assignments to Moodle courses - the students can even use the eStream Web Recorder feature to create their videos.

Access Lancaster eStream at: lancaster.ac.uk/estream

And to find out how to use the system, simply type the word ‘training’ into the eStream search box.

For lecturers, Lancaster eStream complements the existing Panopto service available for the recording and playback of lectures in Moodle.