12 April 2017

We've listened to your feedback and over the last year we've made a number of changes to make your IT experience even better.

Keep forgetting your Uni password?
Password image

No problem - this year we introduced online password reset to make it easy to get access to IT services again.

How to use the online password reset service


Remember what that PC Lab looked like?
PC Labs image

No problem - this year we upgraded and PC and Learning Labs across campus, including more group work and flexible learning spaces.


No wi-fi when you’re out and about?
Wi-fi image

No problem - this year we put eduroam wi-fi in Morecambe Visitor Information Centre, Lancaster Bus Station and Williamson Park.


No-one to talk to because your battery’s flat?
Charging lockers image

No problem - this year we're trialling charging lockers in the Learning Zone so you can leave your device to get a battery boost.

The lockers are in LUMS corridor running off the Spine, George Fox foyer, Fylde lecture theatres corridor, and the old conference centre.


Difficult finding the IT training you need?
Digital Skills website image

No problem - this year we redesigned our digital skills website to make it easier for you to find relevant training.

Go to Digital Skills website


Remember wanting an easier way to see your Moodle notifications?
Moodle notifications image

No problem – this year we started displaying them in the Student Portal and iLancaster.

More about Moodle Notifications


Still wondering when that bus will come?
iLancaster Transport Hub image

No problem - this year we introduced live bus times for some local services in the iLancaster 'Transport Hub'.

Get iLancaster


Remember struggling to find that online module?
Modules image

No problem - this year we redesigned the My Modules page in the Student Portal to make your modules easier to find.


Trouble finding the right development opportunity?
Opportunities Explorer image

No problem - this year we introduced ‘Opportunities Explorer’ into iLancaster to help you find the right one, no matter what it is.

Get iLancaster


Difficult getting a chance to improve your IT skills?
IT Training image

No problem - this year we increased the number of digital skills training opportunities covering more of the topics you asked for.

Go to Digital skills training topics


Provide feedback about your IT experience at Lancaster