26 April 2017

Your storage in LU Box now has a new look and features making it easier to view, share, find and move your files.

Alongside the updated look, new features in LU Box let you:

  • Share files and invite collaborators easily;
  • Favorite your folders to make them easier to find and access;
  • Set your Favorites view as your LU Box homepage;
  • Restrict searches to just the folder that you have open, making it easier to search for files;
  • Drag and drop or cut, copy and paste files that you've uploaded into Box, making it easy to move them around.

And to make your experience even better, learning how to make best use of Box is now easier with our:


Not been using LU Box yet?

Access LU Box at lancaster.ac.uk/box

You get 1TB of storage space online and can share files and collaborate with others easily. Watch our short video to see what LU Box can do for you.

 Top image adapted from photograph by Honza Soukup under Creative Commons licensing.