27 July 2017

We've upgraded to Moodle version 3.3. New and improved features provide additional functionality. 

Main changes

In general the upgrade doesn't significantly affect what Moodle spaces look like or how they work but it does provide new and improved functionality. The major changes are:

  • Structured feedback – staff can set feedback criteria for an assignment so that the grading screen presents a separate edit box for each criterion in which to add feedback.
  • Combined feedback – all feedback (e.g. comments, structured feedback etc.) allocated to an assignment is combined into a single downloadable PDF for students.
  • New Panopto repository plugin – staff can publish videos without having to move them between Panopto folders, and add recordings to Moodle no matter where they exist in Panopto.
  • Reading list access – the Library reading lists (referred to as Resource lists) are now accessible from a link at the top of the module page.
    Note that this coincides with the Library’s replacement of Talis with Leganto for managing and publishing resource lists. With this change, resource lists for new courses will still be added to Moodle automatically. Lists from 2015/16 onwards will also be available in Moodle, but those prior to 2015 will not.
    More about resource lists

Other changes

  • Download combined feedback – staff can use a drop-down option in Grading Actions to download of a zip file containing all the feedback PDFs generated for a given assignment.
    zip download image
  • Create interactive activities – new H5P activity option enables the creation of interactive activities. More about H5P
  • Improved activity completion – staff can define the default activity completion settings for each course, and can bulk modify the activity completion settings for multiple activities in one step.

  • New way to hide activities – staff can use an 'Available but not shown on course page' option to hide an activity from students but have any link to it still work (replaces orphaned activities). In addition, hidden or restricted activities are clearly labelled with a blue tag.
    Restricted activities new
  • Moved switch role feature – that allows staff to view your course as a student, moved to the user menu.
    Switch role new image
  • Additional settings link – admin settings for courses and activities can be accessed via the cog in the top bar as well as the navigation block.