The new online staff directory provides full search facilities as well as allowing staff to manage their own details.

The online staff directory provides an easy way to find contact information for colleagues and groups within the University.

The directory allows you to to:

  • search for an individual by surname, forename, role, job title, department etc.
  • search for team members by faculty/division, department or team
  • input a telephone number and find out who that number belongs to
  • see a photo of a member of staff to allow you to recognise them.

You can also manage your own entry within the directory. You can:

  • choose to change your telephone number (e.g. to your mobile number)
  • choose whether or not to display your library photo in the returned results
  • send an alternative photo of yourself for inclusion in the directory
  • set up and edit your primary location details
  • let us know if any of your other contact details are incorrect using the “feedback” link on the directory page.

The staff directory team would welcome your feedback and any further suggestions for improvement. To provide feedback simply click on the “feedback” link on the directory page.